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My Strong Impressions of Turkey

This covid situation is here to stay and for how long, nobody knows. So what do you do when you wanted a breather from everything & everyone? Research the perfect travel destination! In my case I just need somewhere close to Dubai, that is open to tourism and...

Most Horrifying Vacation: I tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in the Philippines!

  To all OFWs, we all can relate how working abroad made us miss a lot of opportunities to be with our family. With the pandemic added to the picture, traveling home is almost impossible. If we’re friends IRL you’d know I was stressing out about this trip. Travel...

Top 5 Ways To Survive A Heartbreak

When you’re mostly single your whole adult life, you’re most likely to have certain feelings when Valentine’s Day approaches. If you have a choice, you would want to stay home (shut all the windows and deactivate your social media accounts for a day) so you wouldn’t...

The 5 Guys That I Met in Tinder

It is no secret that I am on Tinder. I have been dropping hints here & there that I use dating apps. For those who are quick to judge, you can stop reading right here, right now. I mean, I always get mixed reactions from people whenever I mention I’m seeing a guy...

Top 5 Discoveries That I Found Very Entertaining That Just Maybe You Can Enjoy Too

I am not going to start saying…I know a lot of you have asked me about blah blah.. no, I mean, no one asked me but I am sharing this to you anyway. I am the girl who always likes lists and with all the free time I had/have due to our situation, I found some...

How To Change Your World Views (Literally) In Just 15- Minutes: My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

I figured I won’t have any travel stories to write for at least the next 6 months so I thought for blog content, I will need to write something else. So what exciting things did I do for the past couple of months? Well, aside from picking up some enjoyable, sparking...

Journals: Raw and Unfiltered

Hello, my name is Mayetta. If you want to know more about me , follow my journey!

Journeys: Places I’ve been

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