I don’t consider myself as a very warm person, I don’t easily make friends so it is understandable that I don’t have many friends. I’m not talking about Facebook friends because let’s get real, 80% of them are people I haven’t talk to in the last 5 years! Ooops.. I know.

However, this small circle that I have is my everything. They’re varied— personality wise, we’re not necessarily alike. Some became my friends by way of default (read: childhood playmates, classmates, workmates) and how we have remained friends under our circumstances is something I am so grateful for.

The following are the 5 Types of Friends you’ll encounter in your lifetime—

I have one of each and I’d say life can’t get any more fun & well-balanced having them around!

1. The Goody Good Kind

You’d need this in your life.  And no, this isn’t necessarily your friend from church, or she could be. When I am with this friend, I tend to shift from 10 of 10 bitchy to 4 of 10— still bitchy but low key. And I am not saying I am not being true about myself, in fact, I am. Some friends bring out the bad in you, some friends bring the good in you and I think this friend is what you need to get more in touch with the kinder version of you.

2. The Clingy Friend

There are 2 kinds of clingy. First, the sweet kind who always asks for hugs and always goes with you anywhere and is just happy to always be around you. The second one is the clingy- jealous, territorial type who won’t talk to you for days because you’ve watch Game of Thrones without them or you’ve found new sets of pals to hang out with. I cant totally say to get rid of them altogether because life should still have a room for drama— and having a clingy friend is an acceptable dose of drama.

3. The Maternal Friend

Not necessarily older. This could be just someone wiser than her age and talks like she’s been alive for so long to have such wisdom. She’s the friend who constantly reminds you to shift your preferences to less shitty guys but will go all supportive and even do your make up when you go on dates. And when you have had a hard night partying, she’s the first to scold you in the morning but will have a hot meal ready for you. This is just like mom, only cooler!

4. The Flaky Friend

I’m sure you have this friend in your life—  the always busy, too important & always in demand friend who always says yes but doesn’t show up on gatherings. I know she’s a natural kill joy but let’s admit that when she shows up, you can’t stay mad at her for long. This isn’t always the case as Flakeys are really a melting pot of disappointment but sometimes you make certain exemptions and your forgiving heart wins.

5. The Foul Mouth Brutally Honest Friend

This is the friend I go to whenever I seek validation if I wanted an honest, no bullshit comments. This is usually the friend your new friends would call rude and a bad influence but whom you love anyway because she’s too raw and unfiltered and you want someone like that in your life. Also, she’s the friend whom you spend the most fun times with— because this friend doesn’t take shits from anyone. She does whatever she wants, she’s unapologetically carefree.

So which type of friend are you?

And which type of friend is your most favorite?