I’m one who always writes a list.

May it be for work deliverables, for grocery runs, for my impossible standards in men, for travel itineraries, and yes, for bucket lists.

The fun thing about making my bucket list is I write it all down no matter how silly, no matter how it scares me,  no matter how far off it is from my present realities. I write them down and try to picture out how these experiences would shape me. Or mostly, I write them down just so when those excruciatingly slow and trying days come, I would have something to do and to look forward to. Bucket lists for me is a self-help way to overcome boredom, break routines and test my limitations.

So here’s how mine looks like. Some of those are done & dusted, mostly too trivial, others are daredevil crazy. And maybe by now, you get how I am both sides of the spectrum. 

1. Go see a horror movie alone

2. Get a dog

3 Get that classy, sassy Halle Berry pixie cut

4 Try smoking and quit

5 Get a spine tattoo

6 Jump out of a plane

7 Learn to use chopsticks

8 Ride a horse

9 Go on a road trip to places you can hardly pronounce

10 Fire a gun

11 Ride a hot air balloon

12 Learn to cook a proper meal

13 Fly a kite

14 Go on solo travel abroad

15 Date the guy you like

16 Write a kickass article and get published

17 See the Northern Lights in Iceland

18 Be The One for someone

19 Quit an 8am-5pm job and live in a remote island

20 Go scuba diving

21 Go camping in the woods, in the desert, in the beach

22 Witness my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary

23 Be married to the same man for the next 50 years

24 Be a mom (to a human baby, yes)

25 Learn yoga & be good at it

26 Go on a Family trip overseas

27 Have breakfast with the giraffes

28 Free baby turtles to the ocean

29 Learn proper makeup 

30 Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

31 Be a blood donor

32 See an opera (Phantom of the Opera/ Les Miserables)

33 Go on into an ice-cream tasting adventure in different cities

34 Get another tattoo

35 Learn to play tennis

How about you, do you keep a list? How far are you from crashing them all?