I’m in the stage of the quarantine where I’ve decided not to take any more stress or panic. I mean, I know, the news is stressful and the numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases just won’t chill. Last weekend, I heard someone says someone in my building tested positive. That should cause panic, right? I mean I just think about how easy the virus can spread.. if it is this close. But no. I’ve decided I won’t take any more amount of panic than what I’ve already been feeling for weeks. I am comforted with the idea that as long as I stay home then I should be okay, no additional panicking necessary.

In the first weeks of the lock down, I struggled. Not with ‘I-don’t-have-money-for-food’ or ‘I’m-on-a-no-work-no-pay-situation’ or whatnot but I have friends around who suffer and naturally I got affected. And if you know me personally, you can just imagine that this current situation adds up to my already mountain- high anxieties. By the 10th day of staying home, I swear I thought I lost my wits. But yeah, I think after sometime, I just got tired and I realized this lock down is going to be extended and it will stay. So I learned to just accept things, instead of constantly struggling. Instead of being angry, I just accepted this is the current situation and that I should just go along with it. You can call it learned helplessness but I don’t feel sad or helpless. I guess I feel (mentally) at peace— that’s my tactic in surviving this world pandemic.

What is this post about? Let’s make it light— so from the past weeks I have noticed what people are doing with all their time at home. I have identified 5 types – let’s see if you’re one or a combination of any of these below.

Here are the 5 Types of People During the Quarantine

1. Occupied, I’m work busy (may or may not shower)
• When I am finally convinced the world has stopped and everything is just moving in slow motion, I see this friend who is still busy and always rushing for virtual meetings from 8AM? I mean, why? And though I thought maybe she’d slow down after a week, but no.. we’re on our 1st month of work from home and her boss is still working her very hard. I mean girl, I am jealous (can I take some of your work?) and also, did you shower today?

2. Positive good start, but started ugly crying after 14 days
• The idea of work from home is a dream to some because, well, it’s OK not to wear pants and you can skip the obligatory how-are-you’s with your office mates. Generally the first few days were all sunshine and all positive it’s annoying! But sometime in the middle, things have changed and well, all hell broke loose and all seem to spiral down that this friend vows that when this is over, s/he’d enjoy the morning commute to the office and s/he’d love to exchange muffin recipes with the boss

3. In-a-Relationship people who can’t be together and are tempted to escape
• With all the lock down restrictions, this must be really tough! I mean, how hard could it be when you live 15 mins apart and you can’t see each other? Do you dare break the rules?! I know these people right now have thought of a lot of escape plans in their heads.. “like what if I violate the rules, will the police really deport me..? what if I sneak out just a bit and hang out with you real quick will the virus be forgiving and maybe spare us.. what if?” I would say it’s so great to be single right now 😀

4. I love the quarantine, everything about it!!
• I can’t believe it took a plague for me to realize my best work setup is working from home? I am the most productive!! I can sing and play the ukulele while cat-sitting while waiting for my brownies to cool, while waiting for my canvass to dry, I do these in between conference calls and during my day I also ensure to squeeze my yoga and zumba! I mean, sounds like a fictional character right? But no, this person really exists and even posts her routine in Instagram like she’s the only-well-adjusted successful adult in this world pandemic

5. I’m instantly a social media sensation— tiktoker vlogger influencer
• I can’t stress enough how I sooo love this quarantine, and I know a lot of you guys are asking me about my #quarantinelife routine so in this video I’m going to show you how.. and I know YOU like this video so don’t forget to like, share and subscribe below… What else to do? I need to continue my ‘influencer’ status even on this lock down because you know I can’t post a photo of my morning latte or boomeerang my passport & boarding pass. Also joining tiktok is life changing its so fun! That’s why I make sure to create contents & grace my followers’ timelines with my freshly-choreographed- dance step and some A-okay- lip syncing..

Sounds oddly familiar?
So, which type are you?