Over the years, my travel picks have greatly evolved. There was a time I was in search of the best white sand beaches then it moved to a phase of climbing mountains and chasing waterfalls in between. While I greatly enjoy these trips, they require a lot of energy. I mean, climbing Mt Pulag was not a walk in the park & to reach a waterfall you have to walk endlessly. Beaches are easy, almost no effort needed except if you really wanted to explore far off uninhabited islands then you have to brave the waves just to reach there. As I age, I like to have a downtime & just relax & do nothing. Like lately, a default Airbnb filter will involve a bathtub. Yes, that is right, I have a list of a gorgeous bathtub with a view you wouldn’t want to go out & pull a muscle.

A beautiful row of stilt cottages, or so I thought when I saw this resort from a boat 6 years back during a family trip in Siargao. This year I had the time to look it up & voila, not only water cottages but it has a bathtub with a view!

Club Tara is located in Socorro, Surigao del Norte, about 45 minutes from mainland Hayanggabon Port, Surigao. The resort is always booked, well because they only have 10 cottages. Luckily, we were able to snag a room & requested to avail their pick up/ drop off boat service with a complete tour of the islets in Sohoton Cove. This was a very organized trip. There is always a long queue to pay for entrance fees in every tourist attraction but for us, the boatman took care of those & we just skip the line- a total game changer!

I was a bit hesitant at first because of, a resort this luxurious must-have cost much. Well, the cottage for a night stay cost about USD95 & the boat service cost USD140. Not really bad given I had the peace & quiet that I looked for. The only issue is, the resort is old, clearly needing a renovation & when we were there, there was a power outage! Like, jacuzzi wasn’t working & no AC. But really that didn’t matter— we were there to relax & catch on sleep. We slept with the doors open inviting fireflies to come inside the room. I mean, I thought they were already extinct?

What I loved most besides the bathtub with a view, was the tranquil waters. The resort is situated in a lagoon so while everywhere else is in crazy chaotic 5 feet swells, in Club Tara, the waters were so flat I was able to learn paddle boarding. We spent most of our time swimming, kayaking & paddle boarding— this is all free of charge. They have this ship-like structure anchored at the center of the lagoon where you can sleep in a hammock or if you want some action, you can jump off the roof— there is a diving board! This was indeed a perfect, hassle-free vacation. We left happy & recharged.