When I was reading tourist destinations in Samar, there were two frequent searches I found: waterfalls and CAVES! Personally, I am not fully enamored by caves not because they’re dull but because I am afraid of dark, enclosed areas and I trip all the time. However, this phobia isn’t a killjoy at all for me to back out from a side trip adventure!

So from Guiuan, we traversed Basey, Samar (3hrs road trip) and reached the tourism office before they close their tour at 1 pm. The tour takes 4hrs and ideally, all tours should be done before sundown at 5 pm. After quick registration and briefing at the tourism office, we headed to the eco-park. I must commend the tour is pretty organized from the habal habal transportation to payment to motorboat ride to cave tour to kayak ride to everything in between. The people were accommodating and polite too!

When we reached the eco-park we noticed they have teepee formed huts for the guests who wish to stay overnight. I thought the triangle huts are pretty! After paying at the reception, we were immediately given life jackets before we board the motorboats that would take us to the entrance of the Sohoton cave.  Our tourist guide was a storyteller! It was a fun, informative learning experience for me to hear stalactites and stalagmites meeting halfway and their forever starts. Okay, I think there are scientific terms involved there but I chose to get to the gist!

After the cave tour, the next stop is the natural bridge where we need to paddle a kayak to reach there. I still cannot place what to expect about a natural bridge. However, the long narrow, winding riverbed with rich forest vegetation on the riverside makes me think of a scene in a movie set in the Amazon River.  It was a total nature tripping, I can watch birds from atop the treetops and there were freshwater fish too sighted from our kayak— the water is that clear! And then we pass by bizarre weather-sculpted rocks that served as primers so guests won’t be that stunned at the geological wonder that lies ahead. But even with those, the natural stone bridge is a sight to behold! It connects two mountain crests and underneath flows the river! It was different— an open cave with a swimming pool that is surrounded by cliffs-growing trees where you can jump and soak in the cold freshwaters. The water looks shallow but it was very deep, how do I know? I jumped from one of the cliffs and it felt like a very short jump but it took me to double-time to re-surface!

This landmark in Basey, Samar is a must-visit! I am no travel photographer and my pictures won’t give justice to the beauty of this place. This must be what it is to utterly commune with nature!



Day 3: Enchanting Basey!  
April 25, Monday   
 8:30am to 11:30amroad trip from Calicoan, Guiuan to Basey, Samar 
  gas (P1,000/ 2 pax)                 500.00
 11:30 am to 4:30 amSohoton Natural Park day tour (package for 2 at P1,200 each)             1,200.00
 4:30pm to 5:10pmBasey, Samar to Tacloban City                              –
 6:30pm to 8:45pmTacloban City to Ormoc City via GrandTours                 130.00
  Dinner                    80.00
 10 pm to 3 amOrmoc City to Cebu City via Lite Shipping (P400 sitting accommodation + P25 terminal fee)                 425.00
 3 amarrival in Cebu City 

How to get there:

From Tacloban City bus terminal in Brgy. Abucay, board a jeep to Basey, Samar (fare shouldn’t go over Php30). When in Basey, directly coordinate with the tourism office for the tour. They have a ready tour package from solo backpackers to large tour groups.