It’s almost a month now since my birthday travel to the lovely country of Sri Lanka & it’s just today that I’m able to get this entry done. No, it wasn’t just because of some usual laziness but when you unexpectedly get hospitalized in a foreign country, get 20+ needle injections and fly home with bandages on your arms & feet, you wouldn’t want to relive how horrifying it was. And yes, writing this makes me laugh like a madwoman & say, F*ck, like seriously that really happened to me?! How I can laugh about the experience now is part of my crazy.

Okay, I didn’t want to highlight the hospital visit because that’s not what the entire trip was all about. I mean, it happened on our last day and before that, everything was smooth! I think that in life, one single inconvenience shouldn’t define a whole great event. That week was truly full of excitement seeing new landscapes, learning new food & the people’s way of life, seeing animals in their natural habitat and staying in nice Airbnb homes.

So what exactly happened? No I didn’t tripped while I was hiking that mountain in Ella.. I didn’t fell off from the Nine Arches Bridge.. I didn’t fell off from the moving train while taking the selfie.. I didn’t break my arms from that dreamy rope swing in the beach.. or hurt myself in any exciting things I did (complete travel story in my next post).

So what was it?!

A DOG BITE. A f*cking dog bite & a lot of scratches!

It’s funny that when you start feeling comfortable & you put your guards down, that is when life reminds you that shits do happen. I wasn’t attacked by the dog, okay? I mean I am a dog person and I would know better than to insist myself to an unfriendly dog. We were already getting along, running on the beach for an hour and I guess that when dogs get too happy, they jump on you & playfully nibble your wrists & it is ticklish at first & you match the excitement until there’s blood & wait, that kinda hurt.

I didn’t cry, I just couldn’t. I was just too shocked & my calmness was also a surprise, even to me. That was a grace -under- pressure moment. I just trusted the universe that somehow help will come. And yes, on occasions like that, you trust blindly of the goodness of people & that strangers will go out of their way to help. After what seemed an eternity of bus rides to get to the public hospital & hours in the emergency room where I got weird, curious looks from both local hospital staff & patients, I boarded my flight home to Dubai, not entirely unscathed but surely had one hell of a travel story to tell.

P.S. on my flight back, I read plenty of articles relating to animal bites. It has a significant death toll rise in places like Asia & Africa. It is a serious matter for dogs & cats owners to responsibly vaccine their pets & when one gets bitten, seek help immediately & complete all the vaccines. My wounds are all healed now, I am almost done with my treatment though I am still recovering how expensive anti-rabies shots are in Dubai! I mean, the hospital bills made me cry.