I figured I won’t have any travel stories to write for at least the next 6 months so I thought for blog content, I will need to write something else. So what exciting things did I do for the past couple of months? Well, aside from picking up some enjoyable, sparking joy hobbies: baking goodies and making art (guided painting thru paint-by-numbers arts), I finally decided to get my eyes fixed! Why is it exciting? Well, because it means I can do a lot of stuff now that I won’t have to wear my nerdy eyeglasses!!

I’ve been wearing graded eyeglasses for as long as I can remember. When I checked my old school photos, I saw a picture of me during my high school senior prom wearing a pair of eyeglasses and when I dug even deeper, I saw another photo during a Girls Scout camping trip so that must be when I was in Grade 6 (11 years old). See, my eyeglasses and I go way way back and I never really thought I’d part with it. Well, during my college years I kind of did… I felt bold wearing colored contact lens for a whole semester, it was in GREY and graded. Thankfully I got over my obsession of looking like Storm in X-men so I switched to my eyeglasses the following semester!

So how did I get my eyesight fixed? I had the Lasic Eye Surgery! I first heard about the procedure 10 years ago and I thought back then the fees were just ridiculously high. I also had my hesitations that maybe it wasn’t safe as it was a new practice back then, maybe I’ll end up blind. Then I came here in Dubai in 2016, I remembered this eye procedure was heavily advertised and since then the ads have made a permanent home in my Facebook and Instagram accounts. But I still couldn’t go because the fees were still very high!! So what made me decide?! Maybe it was the quarantine mood… you know when you’re on a long lockdown and you constantly think of that one thing you’ll do as soon as the lockdown is over? Yes, that must be it!! I did the Lasic Eye Surgery in a reputable eye clinic in Dubai last June 2020 and my life changed forever.

My personal experience was so smooth— I first called in for an initial check-up and so when I got the clearance to proceed with the surgery I then scheduled it the following week. The process was so fast, a total of 15 minutes max for both eyes, and I was sent home to rest. I was told there’ll be a 6hrs downtime after the operation so I need to constantly take the eye drops and just literally lie in my bed with a pair of dark sunglasses on. After 6hrs I noticed my eyesight has improved! I mean, I must have experienced the superhuman eyes because I could literally see every single thing. I was told my eyesight is completely and permanently fixed, in my mind I’d be very happy even if this will only give me 5-10 years of clear vision! Yes, only 15minutes (and some $$) to fix something you thought has no chance of getting better.

I’ve been without my eyeglasses for more than a month now and it’s been awesome! For one thing, going out with a face mask isn’t bothersome anymore — just imagine NOT constantly wiping the moisture from your eyeglasses and being able to actually see where you are headed! Also, I’ve been truly happy finally learning to do a wing eye make up!! I just can’t wait when everything calms down and I can try redoing the things I didn’t enjoy before especially water sports activities like paddleboarding, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling or simply swimming(!!!). I’m just imagining now the super extra fun and the full experience when your sense of sight is actually working! One day very soon. 😃

If you are curious about the whole Lasic surgery procedure, here’s a short video. Exactly my experience— except that after a week I experienced vertigo. It was horrible!!! But the eye surgeon assured my eyes were top okay post-ops so maybe it was my normal chronic stress caused by adulting (?!) I never went for a neuro test though.. so far vertigo didn’t have a reoccurrence to date.


How about you, is Lasic surgery something you would want to try?


What activities do you want to do but couldn’t because you are blind AF? 😂