In August 2019, I travelled with my mom & my aunt to Malaysia & Singapore. It was their first international trip. I have visited Singapore in 2016 with friends so for this trip, I was personally more excited visiting Kuala Lumpur.

What do I know about Malaysia? Well, the striking fact—their citizens look like me: brown skin, black hair, eats a lot of rice. And I was right. Except that when I was there, I noticed there were Malaysians who aren’t very brown, or who look more like a local Chinese or who have prominent Indian features. Also, I have assumed that due to its close proximity to the Philippines, and being them as also a developing country, I wouldn’t expect a lot of difference (poverty line, traffic and garbage). But I was so wrong. The first thing I noticed cruising out from the airport to the city center was: garbage- free everywhere you look! And even in busy places like the Chinatown or the food market, they were spotless clean! I was so impressed of the discipline of the Malaysians!

What’s in Malaysia? Well, we’ve covered the touristy places such as the Batu Caves and went all the way up the steep steps, wary about the sneaky monkeys ready to jump on unsuspecting tourists. We took the day tour from klook and visited museums & traditional shops where batik prints are made- that was how we spent Day 1. And for Day 2, we opted to explore the city on foot, we searched for the street with a lot of murals I found in Instagram (or in Jalan Alor, as per google map) that was just near Malaysia’s famous night food market. We also walked endlessly to Chinatown, Republic Square and the Petronas towers, making stops from time to time to take gazillion photos. We tried riding their train but figured it’s cheaper to go by UBER so for most of our trip, we rode by car. Internet connectivity is always a must when I travel so upon arrival in the airport, I bought a local sim with data in it– you’d be asked how many days you’ll stay and they’ll suggest the best package. What I enjoyed most was the time I spent with my family and yes, the posh Airbnb home where we stayed for 2 nights. I mean, the Skydeck pool was amazing!

Malaysia is a big country and I may visit again if in the next 5 years I am still interested in climbing mountains. Hello, Kota Kinabalu! 😊

Is Malaysia cheap? No. But I know it’s much cheaper than the next country that we’re visiting! (1USD= MYR=4.10). We cross the border by bus, booked thru klook. It was an airy- breezy comfortable travel and as expected, I snacked the 6hrs bus ride from Malaysia to Singapore.

Have you been to Malaysia? How was it?