It is true that no matter how much you educate yourself through reading or watching clips, nothing beats the actual concrete experience. I arrived in Dubai a month ago and as I was disembarking my plane, Dubai greeted me very warmly. To reminisce, the city was like a hot open fire I was drenched in sweat by the time I reached the airport arrival area! Yes, I was very aware that it should be hot, it’s a big desert land after all where the sun’s spotlight is on full zoom. But still, I was surprised that I can’t get over it! Each time people asked me how I find the city, my answer can’t get any more interesting than, well, Dubai is hot.

Thanks to the heads up of first world country living (that is, my love Singapore) I was NOT completely mesmerized of Dubai. Well, this may not be true when I got past my aversion of the humidity and well, after that one day I realized I was staring at a smiling face of a stingray at the sea aquarium built inside a shopping mall that happens to be the biggest mall in the world!

Since then day by day, I came to grasp that Dubai, is made of all superlatives. Biggest shopping mall, tallest building, largest indoor theme park, most luxurious resort…and yes we are talking about a global level! And wait for it, I heard the most absurd idea of an underwater tennis court to be constructed within the city?!?

Besides all these structural wonders, I am most amazed by how different my actual experiences from the previous perceptions I had about the people in this city. All I hear before was, everywhere in the Middle East relates to war, violence, and criminality. But I’ve been here quite enough to form my own judgments and I say people that I have encountered are all but peace-loving and kind, very disciplined who put high regard to women. Maybe there would come one single experience, bad enough that would flip me over but for now, everything is all good!

I have landed a job that I like that would plant me in this city for the next 2 years. It’s a long time really, and I’m kind of positive that a month from now I’ll have more than ‘hot’ to describe Dubai.

As GoT says, well, winter is coming and I can’t wait to ride on a camel  skydive!