I booked a flight to Manila late Friday night via Airasia. I didn’t intend to stay in the metro so my return flight was immediately scheduled Sunday early morning off to Iloilo City. The main highlight of the Manila visit was the Pico de Loro hike. I know, I’m the least physically active person to go on trekking mountains but I’ve decided I have to see the peak for real so I would quit searching and staring at the Pico de Loro pictures posted on the internet. This was actually my second attempt to join the tour through trailadventours as my first intended schedule didn’t push through, thanks to airplane delays.

So, flights could get delayed or canceled and it could really be frustrating! Knowing this fact, I have carefully selected a flight a few hours earlier than the tour’s meet-up time. www.trailadventours.com is pretty organized— all you need to do is bring your climbing supplies including a flashlight and 1 pad of pain relievers and show up on time and you’ll be taken care of.

Personal Tips

Prepare your body before the climb. Take long walks and do stretching at least a week prior to the trek. I am well aware of this but since I got busy at work I never did any I was sort of putting all my hopes on pain relievers and salonpas! It was only day 1 of 6 and I wanted to go home because I can’t move my legs! But the force to go on is so strong, the ocean is calling.

It’s always a happy moment to tick off an item in your bucket list. And for me, climbing the summit plus climbing the monolith is one huge milestone! I wouldn’t say you will see me in every mountain peak from here on but knowing I did something out of character, is pleasing and liberating. And ow, did I mention I joined this tour alone? Yes, I was the girl who came all the way from Cebu to climb Pico de Loro alone.

Here is the sample itinerary and the costs incurred

Day 1: Pico de Loro, Cavite 
Feb 27, Saturday 
12:15AM1:30AMCebu-Manila flight via Airasia           1,200.00
1:30AM1:50AMNAIA to McDo, El Pueblo Ortigas (meet up) via metered taxi               220.00
  trail food/ breakfast/ packed lunch               400.00
  Pico de Loro tour package at trailadventours.com           1,800.00
3:00 AM5:00AMManila to Cavite 
5:00 AM7:30 AMtrek from jump-off area to Pico de Loro summit & monolith 
8:30 AM10:30 AMrelax and lunch 
  native halo halo snack with yema as a topping!                 35.00
10:30 AM12:00 NNdescend to jump off area 
  1 balde of bathing water                 10.00
1:00 PM3:30 PMCavite to Ortigas travel 
3:30 PM4:30 PMearly dinner at Mcdonalds                 60.00
4:30 PM5:30 PMOrtigas to NAIA by taxi               210.00
  flight to Iloilo is 5 AM the next day, I had to sleep in the airport 🙂 
  TOTAL           3,935.00