Life happened. That’s quite understated but I have no other and better way of saying it.

By now, I have a lot to tell about Dubai. I haven’t been everywhere, I still can’t pronounce places, and I can’t be trusted telling lost strangers what bus to ride to get them to their destinations. I guess, navigation and I just don’t agree.

Summer has come again and with the changes in the season, I would say I like summer MORE than winter. I realize I don’t function in the cold, to think Dubai doesn’t even snow! That’s just me– I guess living in Iceland or Canada or anywhere cold is off the list now!

I’ve been in this city for almost a year and with 6 days at work, only a day to rest, nothing much could be done let alone go somewhere interesting to blog about. But on some weeknights and days, I have the energy to go out, I enjoy every minute of it.

Dubai’s social hub is pretty active. There’s always something new to do and to see and it’s catered to each one’s liking. I have followed @dubai_calendar on Instagram for this reason. For the music scene, DJs are apparently a big thing here! And there are always concerts… I’ve been to one in Abu Dhabi, the most dreamy New Year’s Eve I went gaga over Coldplay. Okay, stop smiling. It was the first concert I went to because I am not a fan of concerts in the first place, tickets are pricey and I fear too much crowd, not because of security threats but because too many TALL people around me make me dizzy!

My favorite on the Dubai calendar is the Art scene! Art exhibits are almost free and you can stay for hours looking at paintings, graffitis and art from different cultures. There are also museums and activities promoting old Dubai civilizations. I’ve been ‘creek- cruising’ at the Creek to see old Dubai for only 1 Dirham! Whenever I hear news about the new art scene I’d instantly want to go and even brave navigating ALONE just to get to the place!

And the food scene, there are always food trucks every weekend and ladies’ nights every Tuesday or Wednesday where cocktails are FREE for ladies and during Oktoberfest, food, and drinks are mad cheap. Gastropubs are also budding like mushrooms! I worked for a hospitality company myself and just this year we’ve opened three new restaurants! Mainly that was the very reason I worked like a maniac in the past months but everything’s worth it as when they’ve opened they invited our team for dinner and food was all superlatives (no in-group biases here). Did I mention these pubs’ locations are overlooking Dubai’s iconic structures Burj Khalifa (@viavenetodubai) and Burj Al Arab (@follydubai @publiquedubai)? Yes, what a lovely sight to be eating your steak!

For a girl with no blood relative in the country, it was hard. But somehow I have formed significant connections with fellow Kabayans and this not only feeds my social relations but also my spiritual journey. Yes, I’ve joined a religious community and regularly we meet for prayer and fellowship which sometimes get a little too fun (read: leap of faith in The Atlantis, wild pajama parties, movie dates and a lot of food trips).

What I like about this city is I still get to be me: I get to dress comfortably, I get to practice my religion, I get to discover new hobbies and new preferences as they have introduced it all to me, ready for my taking. Also, it’s totally safe, I won’t be worried about walking home alone at 11 pm and be afraid someone’s going to take my things or to harm me.

And here’s a tadah- realization: I can still have a lot of fun, even without alcohol and without breaking the law!

There’s just maybe one thing Dubai isn’t the place for. If you’re someone looking for your The One, if you’re looking for someone you can get serious with, well this isn’t the ideal place. Maybe I’ll write a separate entry about it, not necessarily MY own *cough* very limited dating experience but handful scoops from real people that I’ve heard first hand.

So, how’s Dubai for you? ♥