I visited Samar 2 years ago to see the glorious Biri Island. Because it was located tip of Northern Samar, the long land trip and the magnificent country terrains convinced me Samar doesn’t only have Biri Island to boast of. And indeed, after I saw biyahenidrew’s Instagram post of a water-terrace-falls located in Calbayog City, I was swayed to plan the next travel series on the island of Samar!

Coincidentally, a travel-hungry friend who now is based in Calbayog City happily offered her home while I visit the falls. It was a happy reunion reminiscing old UP days and the 7 years that followed. She suggested we go by car and hope we can access google map before our 4g goes out.

So after breakfast outside the pier of Calbayog, we then started our ride to Brgy. Tinaplacan, where Tarangban and Bangon falls, is located. It was an easy 20minutes drive from the port and in no time we reached the area. There are habal habal drivers and tour guides waiting and we were told the local government has certified only a few tour guides, mostly barangay tanods, to assist tourists to reach the falls. The standard rate for the habal habal roundtrip is at Php300 good for 3 people, the tour guide is at Php300/ group. Before we go on our adventure for the day, we ensured we had water and food for the trek.

From the barrio proper to jump off area to the falls is about 15minutes by habal habal. We informed our kuya driver to pick us up by 12nn. Since we were the first tourists for the day, we were more agitated to reach the falls first so we can have the waterfalls to ourselves even just for a few camera clicks. The uphill, downhill trek was not to be undermined especially if you’re not used to walking a lot. After 25minutes, we reached the striking Tarangban Falls!

I’ve visited a couple of waterfalls before and I would say I have never completely given a score of 10 until this!

And never miss climbing the top! The more challenging, the more fun!

Then off to the next waterfalls—the Bangon Falls!


I didn’t try swimming near the direct falls, it was risky with the current so strong and besides I was contented staying at the shallow parts. With the almost 12nn heat, being completely soaked in the cold water is heaven!

We were supposed to go ziplining at the newly opened adventure resort in Malajog Beach that’s why we ensured we will be in the city after lunch but we found out the resort is closed. Bummer! So we went to Bo’s café instead of their free wifi!

Here’s my itinerary and the costs

Day 1: Chasing Waterfalls  
April 22, Friday   
 7 pm to 7 amCebu City to Calbayog City via Cokaliong (direct ticketing offices: P850 economy/ P980 tourist/  Mail&More Ayala Cebu P1,030) + P25 terminal fee             1,055.00
April 23, Saturday7 amarrival in Calayog City port                              –
  breakfast (karinderya outside the pier)                    70.00
 7:40 am to 8 amport to Brgy Tinaplacan (Tarangban Falls)                              –
 8 am to 12nnChasing waterfalls: Tarangban Falls+ Bangon Falls 
  2L water                    40.00
  habal habal ride (P300/2 pax)                 150.00
  tour guide fee (standard fee at P300. we gave P400/2 pax)                 200.00
 12nn to 2 pmBrgy. ___ to Calbayog City                              –
  lunch at Calbayog Jollibee                 150.00
 3pm-5pmBo’s coffee (free wifi) 🙂                 390.00
 5 pmgroceries for road trip food (P550/2 pax)                 275.00
 7 pmdinner (P175/2)                    87.50
 8 pmlights out 

If you are coming from Cebu City docking at Calbayog port, there are available public transport jeepneys waiting outside the port. Fare could not go any higher than Php30.