It only took one picture for me to decide where to go next in my travels. Just one, and from there I took the liberty to check on other awesome wonders Samar Island has to offer!

Luckily for me, a good good friend lives in Calbayog City and suggested we chase waterfalls and go on a road trip to the other side of the island! It wasn’t an easy road trip knowing it is very far— as I always kid during the trip it was just like we’re reporting to work on an 8am-5pm shift because the land trip takes that long to reach Guiuan, Eastern Samar! Yes, we had a car we drove leisurely but the trip would have been much longer if we were commuting! I have to commend, Eastern Samar highways are astounding! I was half expecting the roads are still not restored after that major typhoon that hit the area 2 years ago but boy I was wrong! The local government surely has done a pretty good job of putting a priority on restoring its infrastructures.

This is the majestic Tarangban Falls in Calbayog City, Western Samar! This is the deciding factor Why Samar Island.  Read more here.

With the long drive, we must stop for lunch and of course, sightseeing! This place feels like the vibes in Thailand!

And then after a major panic over finding a gas station to refuel, we reached Calicoan Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar! I have heard a lot about the beauty of the place but I wasn’t prepared for the breathtaking view! Read more here.

Then, Monday came and I have to go back to Cebu. I had a return ticket from Ormoc to Cebu at 5 pm but I canceled that out! I bought another one scheduled to board at 10 pm because I just can’t simply miss seeing this major breath stopper! (read more here!)

This is the Sohoton Cave and Natural Park in Basey, Samar. Some 40 minutes away from Tacloban City.

With two girls on a road trip, one is the designated driver, the other the designated talker ensuring we stay awake for the rest of the trip— surely was a lot of fun adventure! This trip is more remarkable for me because I have ticked one item in my bucket list— laughing nonstop for 3hrs!