I am not going to start saying…I know a lot of you have asked me about blah blah.. no, I mean, no one asked me but I am sharing this to you anyway. I am the girl who always likes lists and with all the free time I had/have due to our situation, I found some interesting things to do that I consider NOT a waste of my time. Herein are the top 5 discoveries that I found very entertaining that just maybe you can enjoy too. Sure, you’re welcome!

1. Painting by numbers: If you are following my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I only have 3 posts this year and 2 of them are MY paintings. You can honestly say you painted them if you actually used your own hands creating them, right? I know its probably cheating and the real artists will frown but if you personally know me and knew how an artist-wannabe I am, you will support me. So, what is painting by numbers? It’s just like an adult coloring book where you paint according to the numbers assigned to them. You realize you’re not only creating art but you’re feeding your Obsessive Compulsive tendencies or in corporate they call it, attention to details and that’s a valuable trait!


2. Baking 101: I remember my birthday last year when I baked my own birthday cake. It was a disaster, save for the fruity décor that made it appropriate to post in my Instragram stories. But yeah, I am so proud to say that after months of trial and error I have a master recipe now, my loaded Carrot cake! Fun fact: I only go to IKEA because of the carrot cake sold in their café. But now that I know just how to bake it, no more IKEA trips for me unless I am actually buying a furniture. What does baking teaches you? Well it teaches you to be precise and to be patient and that it’s never wrong to eat a whole batch of cookies by yourself, no judgements!


3. Love Life: a TV Series: I am only patient when baking but outside of it I am as impatient as a toddler. I only watch movies in Netflix because it won’t stop mid-movie. But Netflix in the UAE sucks. During the first month of the quarantine I was halfway finished watching the war-movies genre and I was seriously considering at that time to stop my subscription. Anyway, I found a good American TV series, it is called Love Life and stars Anna Kendrick. I know, I don’t like her too but the plot is hilarious and entertaining and I am even thinking maybe I should write about my own dating life or maybe already publish that 5 Guys I Met in Tinder write up that’s been sitting in my draft for a year! What do you think?


4. Modern Love: a TV series: Hey, don’t judge! I told you I have a lot of free time! Modern Love is also an American TV series and what’s interesting is each episode portrays different takes or forms of Love. If you like New Year’s Eve or Love Actually, then maybe you will like this! It’s also very star- studded and the stories are all realistic (since they are based from true-to-life stories submitted by ordinary people) you think your own bipolar self is being portrayed by Anne Hathaway.


5. Vlogs to Follow: Few of my friends have already suggested I start vlogging but I said no because it goes against my personal beliefs, my personality and my principles. I honestly believe vlogging isn’t for everyone because not everyone can articulate and not everyone can entertain? That’s just me, plus, how annoying is my voice, and my facial expressions and I am not a funny girl at all! So whenever I see my friends start vlogging, I’m either: Oh wow, such courage good for you or… Oh no no no no, but at least you tried, that is still very brave! But who cares about my approval anyway?! So I find it really hard to follow anyone I like but when I do, I swoon. Just like this #TableTalkwithDindi, very artsy, sexy, the storyline and her voice or every cooking, travel video by Erwan Heussaff or this very random account in Facebook where I’ve peed in my pants laughing and watching these can-relate-provincial-life videos by FloraMaeBoholana!


What about you, what ‘fun discoveries’ have you found these days? Tell me about it in the comments below. 😊