Surely you take occasional trips with groups, either with your friends or family members. While traveling with a group has its fair share of fun and collective pleasures, there are also known nuisances. Sometimes, it is because of these travel pet peeves that most people have decided to carefully filter their travel companions when planning on the next trips. Others had it extreme and just resort to travel solo.

Have you ever wondered why you were not invited to your friends’ recent group trip? Well, here are the likely top 5 reasons why no one wants to travel with you anymore!

1- You take forever to shower
• I mean, I get it that you have your own rituals in the shower but I think when you travel with a group & you’re on a budget trip where you share the bathroom with everyone, you should be sensitive & not extend your shower rituals for more than an hour like you are used to! I remember one trip with friends & we had this guy in the group I was so mad at him that I vowed not to include him in the next group travels.

2- You sleep a lot
• Before you join your friends on a group trip, ask first what is the itinerary. If you like to sleep a lot & your groups’ plan is to spend the day out doing extreme outdoor activities, I’m telling you, you should back out! There is no way you proceed with the trip & spoil whatever adventure your group has decided because you just want to sleep!

3. You are a camera whore
• Travel & camera go together. Because did you really go skydiving if there is no pictures or videos to show? Taking pictures of one another, taking group shots and video shoots and even taking selfies are fine…well until of course, it is too much! Please know that stopping at every palm tree or signposts to take photos is just annoying especially when your group is in a rush to catch the last trip to take you to your next destination.

4. You are “maarte” in everything
• There are times when expectations do not meet reality. When you’ve expected a decent accommodation with a roof, the real deal is a vast sandy area suitable for pitching your tents & there is no other choice or if there is it’s one town away. Or when you are in a very rural area where everything is basic: a basic toilet & bath with a basic room with a fan. In situations like these, the right response is: You adjust! No, I won’t have you throwing tantrums because the room isn’t air-conditioned or that we’re only eating gulay at a karendirya.

5. You are trouble when you are drunk
• Imagine on a beach trip where bonfires and warm bottles of tequila are expected, there’s music & it’s generally a fun night. The fun stops until you got drunk & starts picking fights with another group’s drunk and everyone’s mood is spoiled, everyone packs up and set early for bed. Now, that’s a ticket for you to get banned on all your group’s future trips!

Who is guilty? Or do you know anyone who was kicked out of the group trip because he or she is one or everyone mentioned above?