Looking back on the first solo trip I had, people raised their brows. They made speculations on why I’m choosing to travel alone. Some raised concerns about my well being, particularly my emotional state. They went on lecturing about the travel dangers especially because I’m a girl visiting places for the first time.

Here are the top 5 things people tell you when you travel alone.

1- “Did someone break your heart?”

Blame this to the movie, That Thing Called Tadhana. When you tell people you’ll be on a mountain trip alone, they automatically picture you out shouting your heartaches away while you’re on top of a cliff.   Best drama scene, yes?

2- “Are you really alone or you just do not want us to know that you’re secretly meeting someone there?”

This could be a result of watching too much TV. But, really when you’re in your late twenties and single, you secretly want this to be true. 🙂

3- “Are you going away for good?

Fancy channeling Gone Girl without the antisocial personality disorder tendencies? You wish! But really, when you only have a backpack and your inbox overflows with work emails needed responses ASAP, going away for good is a dream.

4- “Are you depressed?”

This is a hard accusation given 1) you’re generally a sunny, happy person, 2) you have a solid support system, 3) according to your mom, you inherited good, mental-illness free genes and 4) there are no recent events to trigger severe anxiety aside from your nightly teleseryes. Well, some people easily throw this comment like they know what depression is.

5- “Don’t you have friends at all to accompany you?”

Of course, you have friends but hey, again when you’re in your late twenties, priorities get in the way. Aside from that, there could be a lot of reasons ranging from “I’m not the mountain-type”, “I have no travel funds”, “I’m working this weekend”, among others.

Have you traveled alone? What was the funniest comment you got from the people around you?